Welcome to Sports Massage Christchurch

Attention! Sports Massage Christchurch has moved location. We are now based at Female Federation Located at 9 Humphreys Drive in Ferrymead.

Sports Massage Christchurch is clinic located in Ferrymead which was established in 2015 by Seryna Davies.

Seryna has over 10 Years experience in sports treatment, relaxation and corporate massages to more recently manual lymphatic drainage.

Being specialized in treatments for muscular injuries and maintenance from elite athletes to people working in the office, mum’s carrying their child, people gardening, weekend warriors or children who do a lot of sports, we are beneficial for everyone.

Sports Massage Christchurch offers out calls to sports venue, events and offices in Christchurch area.

Also Sports Massage Christchurch is an Easy-Claim provider for Southern Cross health insurance, so with the right policy you can get funding for any type of massage we provide.